Winter is coming ... and the space is frozen!

Posted on Tuesday December 04 2018

Hi everyone!

As you know, we want StarFlint to be perfect and especially complete! Unfortunately, everything could not be financed during the first campaign. The Shelter and all the management part, side quests, that goes with it. We think it's really detrimental to the game because we basically had a global vision of the title. In order to provide you with this rich and unique experience, we are always looking for the way to get the missing funds and make the game we've always wanted!

Create a space map where the player would be free to move, with many events, many planets to visit and choices that have a real impact on the next adventure and meetings. Build, expand and customize your base to host many NPCs and offer more content, allowing you to explore the StarFlint galaxy even further.

We proposed you 8 planets to explore, it is now close to 30 planets that have been realized!

Because of this, because we want to offer you this extraordinary game, StarFlint will not be released until October 2019.

In addition, many missed the Kickstarter campaign and many of you contact us so you can preorder. Especially the French community following our partnership with Manuel Ferrara. We are also asked to do voice acting and translations into other languages. Which costs a lot of money!

This is why we are planning to redo a very short campaign with the support of Manuel on Indiegogo in a few weeks. The advantage of a campaign is to have a legal structure and legal framework already laid. The other big advantage is that Indiegogo offers a service after the campaign, Indiegogo InDemand. For those who do not know this service: the game remains available to anyone wishing to acquire and contribute to the realization of StarFlint without time limit, until the release of the title.

I want to reassure you right away, with or without this campaign, StarFlint will come out as promised. It will not be just as complete as we hoped.

We are also working on two DLC in parallel "StarFlint: Lost In Space" and "StarFlint: The Lost War". These two DLCs will be offered with the purchase of a SEASON PASS.

WARNING ! During the Kickstarter campaign, we made a € 30 ADDON called UNIQUE SPACESHIP FOR BACKERS and a € 50 CUSTOM SPACESHIP pledge that contained this ADDON. Both will be delivered with the SEASON PASS without the contributors who have paid either need to purchase the DLCs separately!

We will keep you informed quickly and on this occasion, you will be able to test before everybody the new demo of the game and make us your returns ;)

We thank you for your support and all your emails of encouragement of these last weeks!

Together we will make StarFlint an unforgettable adventure!

-The team

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